Passion for animation


Competitive entrance exam

Students interested in taking the Animation School Luxembourg course must hold a secondary or technical secondary school certificate and submit to a competitive entrance examination.
Applicants must submit an application portfolio either by mail or by dropping it off at the LAM secretariat (secretariat@ltam.lu) in Limpertsberg, or by emailing it as PDF file to inscription-bts@ltam.lu
The deadline for the submission of applications for the Animation BTS is 1st July 2020. The personal interview will take place during the week of 6th July 2020.
The registration form will be available from 13th March 2020 and can be collected from the LAM secretariat in Limpertsberg or downloaded in electronic format (http://bts.ltam.lu), (https: //www.ltam. lu / bts-animation / Apply / forms-admissions /).
A portfolio composed in a superficial or incomplete way will not be taken into account. The admission of candidates may be subject to additional conditions which depend on the chosen training path and the objectives of the targeted training. Applicants are invited to the tests by email.
As the number of available spaces is limited, candidates will be ranked on the basis of their application portfolio and / or on the basis of a competitive examination. A personal interview may be required for final admission. The language of instruction is French and / or German and / or English and / or Luxembourgish.

>>>The specific tests for the Animation BTS are as follows:

• 1 practical test (drawing from memory; model-sheet; decomposition of movement; perspective and analytical drawing)

• 1 oral test (interview and possibility of explaining your motivations, interests and knowledge based on a portfolio with personal work)

1. Practical test

On the first day of the competition exam, candidates take a practical test consisting of 4 parts. Each part lasts 1 hour. Applicants work on site and on paper. They use their own graphic materials (pencils, markers, ink, watercolor, gouache). The drawing paper is provided by the school.

Part 1 - Drawing from memory
It allows to assess the skills of memorizing and imagining shapes, situations and atmospheres, and of narration by graphic description. The candidate draws an imposed situation without recourse to documents, only from memory.

Part 2 - Model-Sheet

From a model sheet of an animated character with three different viewing angles, the candidate must draw the missing viewing angle respecting the format, proportions and attitude of the character. This test allows to assess the skills of respecting shapes and proportions and the skills of three-dimensional analysis.

Part 3 - Decomposition of the movement

From a model sheet of an animated character, the candidate must imagine and draw the same character in specified attitudes and movements. This exercise assesses the imagination and graphic rendering skills of dynamic, movement and attitude.

Part 4 - Perspective and analytical drawing

This test assesses the skills of drawing object construction, vision and graphic rendering of objects in their spatial interrelations.

2. Oral test

On the second day of the exam, the candidates present their personal portfolio individually and answer questions by the jury members, questions relating to work, previous training and the expectations of the candidates. The members of the jury comment on the work and the results of the previous day. The assessment of the portfolio makes it possible to assess all the skills related to graphic work and a creative attitude, to a careful presentation and intensity of personal interests.

Depending on the number of candidates, the interviews continue over a period of 2 days
>>> Decisions

Candidature portfolios and tests are examined by an admissions committee and decisions are communicated to candidates by mid-July.

Applicants will be divided into three groups:

• admitted candidates,
• candidates registered on a waiting list,
• rejected applicants.

All admitted candidates must confirm their acceptance or declare their withdrawal until 18th September 2020 at the latest by e-mail to inscription-bts@ltam.lu.

The registration fee is € 100 per semester. Registration is only effective after payment of the registration fees.

The costs for material amount to € 250 (special papers, pegbar, ... road costs for the Annecy Festival, compulsory travel, and other educational trips).
For any additional information, please consult the documents annexed below or contact the program coordinator Ms. Béatrice Welter bts-animation@ltam.lu.