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BTS@5G-Conference Luxembourg


While the first roll-out of 5G networks is about to start, the keynote speakers highlighted at conference which took place at Kirchberg on 11th of December, the latest developments and current trends that are awaiting us in the deployment of 5G. The conference was open to participants from very different backgrounds, who were invited to attend various workshops: C-level representatives from telecom and IT companies, experts and consultants, representatives from regulatory and public authorities as well as citizens and members of NGOs and students.


Along with the main event, 80 students from BTS high schools (BTS CBC, GA, GT & IoT from Lycée des Arts et Métiers) also arrived at the 5G Conference, After introductory speeches, this group of young adults gained a global overview of 5G deployment, nationally and around the world.


The second half of the day saw students joined a side workshop where they exchanged ideas with a dozen professionals representing various industries and organizations, such as CFL, KPMG, Post, SnT, ICT Luxembourg, UpFoundation, LIST, the Ministry of Agriculture, IMS, EY Luxembourg, Cube 4T8, Circl, Competence Center and more. During their discussions, students went even deeper into the specifics of 5G, spanning agriculture, cybersecurity, health, multimedia, and many others.




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