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Game of Code (Hackathon)

De Weekend iwwer hu Schüler aus dem LAM um Game of Code (Hackathon) matgemaach:

  • André Antunes Coimbra (13GI)
  • Daniel Wahl (13GI)
  • Thomas Nieuwenhuis (13GI)
  • Aleksandar Veselinovic (T3IF1)

Den Alex huet op der API geschaft an den Deel "JSON" erleedegt. Den Daniel huet de Web Deel gemaach an den André an Thomas hunn sech ëm d'Android App gekemmert.

Fir hiere Project krut sie och den Next Generation Award! Als Präis kennen sie zu 4 bei SAP oder Geoportail goen fir de Projet zu Enn ze bréngen.

Hiere Projet kann een sech hei ukucken, respektiv erof lueden:


Game of Code is a coding competition where we had to code during 24 hours a website or an app.There were a choice between "Distorted Reality" and "Open Data ". We chose Open Data.There we also had the opportunity to meet and exchange with other coding enthusiasts coming all over Europe. At our disposal were free access to video games and food-trucks for lunch and dinner. Our app/website/api gives you the life quality around you,but only if you give him access to your GPS.By life quality we thought about airpolution,buses,price in m2 for a house or apartment,waterquality. In the future we will try to introduce more and more information from liable sources .Later on we will be putting a Textfield where you can see the life quality in other areas..Now we only introduced the air-quality and busses parkings information in your current area(500 m am emkrees). We didn t won the price where we could have won the money but we won a next gen price also experience ,had a lot of fun.The next gen price includes a 1 year acces to the HANA platform of a company named SAP.We won a one year student subscription for free on their student platform.

We won each of us a developping account on their forum and we won a one month paid stage where we can with their help continue with developing our app and website/api.

We were 4 man group, with a 13e Technicien student of our school an three 13GI student of our school.

André Antunes Coimbra


 Game of Code Media Gallery



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